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Old School Black Metal - Archetype: Plini X Presets

Old School Black Metal - Archetype: Plini X Presets

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These guitar presets are inspired by the greats of old.

While they are not carbon copies of specific bands, songs, or albums, we think you’ll definitely hear where the inspirations came from

This is our modern take on the old school, “tr00 kvlt”, classic guitar tones that started it all.

You’ll find them to be extremely usable, while also retaining that “classic” sound.

We picked the Neural DSP Plini X as it’s one of the best, most well-rounded amp simulators on the market that allows for great distortion tones, but also cold, black metal clean tones as it has all of the pedals necessary!

All you need is the Neural DSP Archetype: Plini X - no other IRs or plugins. 

Just load the preset and start writing and recording your music!


  • 10 presets for Neural DSP Plini X
  • 7 distortion tone presets
  • 2 clean tone presets
  • 1 solo tone preset
  • No extra IRs or extra products required
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