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Chernobyl Audio

Metal Mixing Workshop

Metal Mixing Workshop

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In this Mixing Metal Workshop, I'm going to explain exactly how to:

  • Create a mastering chain that crushes skulls with FREE plugins.
  • Implement a consistent mixing process that sets you up for success.
  • Systematically bring in all the elements of a mix, making sure it sounds awesome at every step.
  • Ask a specific series of questions when using EQ while mixing.
  • Use different EQ techniques at different stages of the mix.
  • Fill out a mix with panning.
  • Correctly control your musical dynamic vision with automation.

Why choose The Mixing Metal Live Workshop?

  • Everything demonstrated is with free or stock plugins ONLY.
  • 1.5 hours of easily digestable video.
  • 8 information-packed PDF files with EVERYTHING you must know to start creating great mixes right now.
  • The PDFs cover compression, EQ, reverb, delay, and how to analyze and use a reference track like the pros.
  • These PDFs aren't bullshit "2 page, low effort" pieces of information, they are exhaustive resources you can reference from for YEARS
  • My actual Cubase session that you can load up and study.
  • The mulitracks that you can import into your own DAW.

When you think about it, pro mixers have the exact same tools as you do.


"Well, they have a $100,000 Neve Genesys Black mixing console!"

Okay. But a lot of pro mixers don't have giant mix consoles.

So that can't explain how pros consistently create great mixes.

"Well, they have a lot of premium, high quality plugins, so obviously that's why."

Watch the video on this page and listen to the ACTUAL mix I'll show you!

The drums are MT Power Drum Kit 2. Free.

The guitar tones are with Ignite Amps TS-999, Emissary, and NRR-1. Free.

The IRs are the Catharsis IRs. Free.

The synth sounds in the beginning are with Black Metal Keys. Free.

The only premium plugin used on that track is the bass VST.

Every EQ, compressor, reverb, delay, clipper, and limiter plugin that I used on this mix was either a stock plugin from Cubase or a completely free plugin that I downloaded off the Internet.

I didn't use a $100,000 Neve Genesys Black mixing console.

I didn't use any of my paid, premium plugins.

What happened?

Did I fall off the toilet and hit my head, suddenly becoming a metal mixing genius?


I implemented the actual techniques that pro mixers use and that's what I'm going to share with you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Frank Kreepy
If you are into making extreme metal, this is a go to guy.

You can be a great sound engineer or you can be a great teacher.
Here is someone who is both.
This is a course that left me with no regrets.

Get it, now.

darragh cannon
Excellence personified

Scott should be mandatory viewing for anyone wishing to get the right start in mixing metal. I have followed him for a long time and it's great to see his content go stellar in terms of application and direction but also the recognition it finally deserves.

Nuno Sousa Oliveira
Awesomeness INC.

Awesome workshop that felt more like a masterclass than anything else. Scott packed it with a lot of meaty content besides the already über workshop. From in-depth PDF’s on how to mix like a pro to detailed guides on compression and other audio nerd goodies. Definitely worth it!

Steve Giddens
Awesome workshop!

If you take mixing seriously and actually want to learn something, then this is for you!!!!

Excellent Course!

Extreme value for money, i changed my whole process of how to approach a mix the same way guitar tone workshop changed and help me understand how to approach mixing. Added the many pages of PDFs that will assist my for a long time.