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Metal Guitar Tone Workshop

Metal Guitar Tone Workshop

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In just over an hour, you’re going to know exactly how to create the guitar tone that you hear in your head.

This is an intensive training built to help you hit the ground running so that you can get inspired with your metal guitar tones and start making awesome music today. You don’t need any special plugin or IR – you can use exactly what you have right now.

I’m going to show you my 4 WORD METHOD that makes crafting guitar tones simple, intuitive, and musical.

This is not about memorizing my plugins or copying my settings, this is about helping you develop your own musical voice. I’m giving you the true, honest formula for tone crafting. All you need to do is practice it and your unique voice will come through.

These techniques WILL work… ALWAYS!

In this workshop, I go into detail about how to:

  • Adjust your IR based on my 4WORD METHOD
  • Process guitars with EQ and multiband
  • Add some extra sauce with coloring EQs
  • Research tones correctly so you can re-create them
  • Create lead guitar tones


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sarantos Manouchos
    A complete guide for tone creation.

    Really helpful! Most information in here can be gathered from Scott's multiple videos on the subject. But it is nice too have a complete guide from start to finish.
    From following the guide i managed to make my favorite guitar tone so far for my next album.
    I would leave 4.5 stars if there was an option just because it was 30e for 1.5 hour and felt that most stuff i had already seen on other Scott's videos.


    Easy to remember formula for dialing in your IR’s. Simplifies understanding of mic placement in relation to tone/speaker.

    Kyle Hunter
    Fantastic insight

    This is brilliant, the way Scott explains the process is simple, patient and down to earth, rather than just “do this” it’s explained WHY it’s done this way, which is something missing in other courses etc. 10/10 would recommend and can’t wait for more insight as this is a step in a journey to hopefully recording bands on a regular basis. Thanks Scott

    Great tutorial!

    I got a lot out of this workshop. Very informative. Scott has a great way of putting together a lot of information in an easily digestible manner. Highly recommended.

    Thy Virtual Machine
    It's just OK

    If you don't own any of guitar tone courses done by Scott or others, this is probably a good purchase. You get a condensed version of what sounds like his guitar tone mastery course sold somewhere else. If you have already invested in other courses, it's probably not a good purchase.

    This is a recording (about 1.5h) of Scott live course focusing on the key element to build a guitar tone and the additional refinements (dialing the tonestack, EQ, ...). Personnaly, I'd like more insight from Scott on how to select speakers, mics, amps, ... A few pages in the PDF companion would have been great to point to a gear selection for specific metal genres. This is approached by Scott in this course by doing online research and look for recording studio notes or similar.